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This is a commonly asked question, there are so many factors to be considered, soil type, rainfall, sunlight, soil ph, drainage, temperatures, micro climates, etc. It can be difficult to figure exactly what to plant, considering the microclimates that can exist from one field to the next. Even experts cannot tell you what to plant in your area without researching the area and doing soil tests. Plants that thrive in one area may be struggling only a short distance away.

   A soil analysis test is very important to your deer plots success and survival. For the best plant growth and health the soil should be in a neutral range. Most forage plants will have stunted growth, or low survival rates if the soil is too acidic.

Featured Products

Deerseeds Premium Deer Plot Mix, no grass (8 pounds) premium mix Deerseeds Premium Deer Plot Mix, no grass 8 lb,  6 seed varieties, non-gmo, heirloom type This deerseeds mix contains equal amounts of; Ladino Clover, Medium Red Clover, Crimson Clover, Chicory, Rapeseed and Turnip.  8 lbs plants approximately 1 acre.
GOAT PASTURE MIX (10 pounds) goat pasture mix GOAT PASTURE MIX  10 lb,   This pasture mix is recommended for goat pastures, wildlife forage, and deer food plots.  This quality blend includes equal parts of;  alfalfa, chicory, medium red clover, white ladino clover, dutch white clover and perennial ryegrass