ALFALFA (12 pounds, 1 acre)


12 lbs 

Alfalfa is a herbaceous, perennial legume used for pasture, forage and wildlife and deer food plots. 

Many pet owners like to grow alfalfa for rabbits, ducks, chickens, turtles and reptiles.
Alfalfa has a high palatability and very good winter hardiness.
Alfalfa has a tap-root, established plants will grow for many years. The stems grow erect and reach a height of 2 to 3 feet with flowers that may vary in color from shades of purple, yellow and white. Alfalfa has a high yield, high protein content, and such prolific growth that it acts as an effective weed control, alfalfa is also valued in crop rotation and for soil improvement because of the nitrogen-fixing bacteria in its nodules. The several varieties of the species grow well in most temperate regions except those with acid soil or poor drainage, adding lime is recommended for acid soils. The deep tap roots make it a good drought tolerant plant. 
There are 190,000 to 220,000 seeds per pound, the recommended seeding rate is 12 lbs or more, per acre. This perennial has a very short germination period, visible growth usually appears in a week to ten days. Plant Alfalfa for whitetail deer, turkey, rabbits and other wildlife and birds.
Alfalfa grows best with 3-4 cuttings per year, if not being grazed down by livestock or game animals. easy to plant, almost like grass seed, barely cover the seeds with soil, or cover with straw.  Plant in spring or fall, about 1/4" deep, soil pH recommended about 6.6 to 7.2 
This alfalfa is pre-inoculated, and coated. For spreading the seed is recommended 12 or more pounds an acre. Sow less seed if you have an established deer food plot and just want to thicken it up.  Alfalfa is a perennial that will come back for years once established, it grows well with Clover and Chicory.






Quick stats

Name: Heirloom Vernal Alfalfa
Planting density:  12lbs+/acre
Seed volume: Approximately 220,000 seeds/lb
Soil pH: 6.6-7.2
Full grown size: 24-36 inches tall
Notes: Long tap root, good drought tolerance  

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