Alsike Clover (4 pounds)

 Alsike Clover is recommended for its palatability and high protein levels for white tail deer and is a seed commonly used in deer plot mixes. Alsike Clover is a perennial that acts as a biennial and has medium drought tolerance, growing from a tap root. The flowers are white to pink. 
Alsike is best suited for poorly drained soils. This clover grows in full sun to partial shade, grows 12-36 inches tall. Best growth will occur on soils with a pH ranging from 6.0 to 6.5   This alsike Clover has approximately 700,000 seeds per pound, plant at approximately 10 lbs per acre.

Quick Stats

Name: Aliske Clover

Planting density: 8-10lbs/acre

Seed volume: Approximately 700,000 seeds per pound

Optimal soil pH: 6.0-6.5

Full grown size: 12-36 inches tall

Notes:Tap root, medium drought tolerance, flowers white/pink, tested for current year planting

Price: $22.50
SKU: alsike_5lb

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