Birdsfoot Trefoil (6 lbs plants 1 acre)

 Birdsfoot Trefoil (Lotus corniculatus L.) 

6 pounds plants 1 acre

 Birdsfoot Trefoil  is popular perennial for wildlife and pasture with high palatabilty and good winter hardiness.

Trefoil has a long tap root and low growth habit, from 15 to 44 inches tall, with small yellow flowers in late spring and throughout the summer. 

It is a Perennial plant that will grow for years and re-seed itself. This seed prefers moist soil in the 6.0 to 6.8 ph range. Approximately 375,000 seeds per pound.
Plant at 6 or more pounds per acre

Birdsfoot Trefoil
ph 6.0-6.8
height 15-44"


Price: $44.99
SKU: trefoil_6

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