BUCK FORAGE OATS ( 3 pounds)



Excellent winter tolerance
High nutrient values, including 18% minimum protein 
Excellent palatability and digestible energy
The most preferred food plot for fall and Winter attraction 
Easy to plant and maintain 

High nutrient values, including 18% minimum protein

Excellent palatability and digestible energy

Oats are the most preferred food plot for fall and winter attraction

Buck Fiorage Oats is easy to plant and maintain

South: Deer utilization from early fall to late spring. Freeze damage is very unlikely. Plant September / October.

North: Deer utilization from early fall to late fall. Some years oats may survive the winter and produce spring forage. Freeze damage will occur most years. Plant August / September.


Planting Instructions:

Disc or till ground to produce a good seed bed.

Broadcast seed or drill 100-120 pounds per acre.
No till drilling is highly recommended.

If broadcast, re-disc the plot with the disc blades 4 inches deep for best results.
If drilled, consult drill maker setting and set seed 2 inches deep in the soil.

Fertilize and lime according to soil test recommendations prior to planting. With no soil test, apply 200 pounds of 13-13-13 fertilizer as a pre-plant application or top dress after planting.

the seeds will not be in original bag, instructions included
Price: $7.00

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