Butternut Squash (50 seeds)

 BUTTERNUT Squash, 50 seeds

95 days to maturity


Butternut Squash matures early and keeps well in storage.  The fruit is light yellow-brown and grows 10-12 inches long and 4 inches diameter with a small seed cavity in the larger end.  Plant n Squash seeds  3-4 weeks before the last frost  indoors or plant directly in garden after last frost and the soil has warmed. Best if compost is added to hills before planting,  plant in hills of 3 plants with hills spaced 5-6 feet apart. For the earliest crop start seeds indoors or direct sow in good soil, add compost to the soil for best results. Put in hills about 3-4 plants per hill. Space hills 5-6 ft apart. 
 untreated, heirloom seeds.

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