Calculating Acreage

 Do you have an acre to plant ? Or a fraction of an acre? 

This helpful guide is useful in changing your square feet or yards measurement into acres or fraction of an acre. If you are planting a nice sized deer food plot it is important to know the plot size in acres for buying the correct amount of seeds, or fertilizer and lime.

You can easily measure a plot with a laser rangefinder, or you can use a measuring tape if a laser rangefinder is not available. First, measure the length and width of your plot. It may not be exactly a square or rectangle, just get your best round-about measurement. The laser rangefinder will measure in yards.

 If measuring by hand, calculate the measurement into yards (3 ft = 1 yd).

Second, multiply the width in yards times by the length in yards (W x L) to get the total square yards.

Third, divide that number by 4,840 to get the amount of acres.

If you don't like calculating, these figures may help you figure acreage;

1 acre = 4,840 square yards ~ examples; an area 20 yards by 242 yards or 40 yards by 121 yards

1/2 acre = 2,420 sq. yds. ~ examples; an area 20 yds. by 121 yds. or 40 yds. by 60 1/2 yds.

1/4 acre = 1,210 sq. yds. ~ examples; an area 20 yds. by 60 1/2 yds. or 40 yds. by 30 1/4 yds.

1/8 acre = 605 sq. yds. ~ examples; an area 20 yds. by 30 1/4 yds. or 10 yds. by 60 1/2 yds.

1/16 acre = 302 1/2 sq. yds. ~ examples; an area 10 yds. by 30 1/4 yds. or 5 yds. by 60 1/2 yds.

   Depending on what types of seeds you want to plant an acre may take from 5 to 18 lbs or more of seeds.   For example;
Forage Chicory is planted at 5 lbs per acre, Chic Magnet 3 lbs per acre, Ladino Clover - 8 lbs per acre, Imperial Clover 8 lbs per acre,  Bulls-eye 8 lbs per acre, Imperial No Plow at 18 to 25 lbs per acre.  
All of these are recommended seeding rates, depending on how you broadcast the seeds or if over-seeding an existing plot, you may need a little more or less. 



Featured Products

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SUGAR BEETS, UNCOATED SEED (order by the pound) Sugar Beet Seed  Uncoated Sugar Beets 1 lb   Deer are attracted to both the tops and roots of Sugar Beets.  Sugar beets can produce roots anywhere from 2 to 4 pounds when mature. The roots are very attractive to deer, especially in colder months. Sugar beets do not like competetion with weeds, it is best to use a good weed killer before planting and wait the recommended time on the label before planting the seeds. Soil pH of 6.0 to 6.8. Sugar Betts can be planted by being drilled, planted in rows, or by broadcasting.
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