Evolved Harvest Shot Plot (2.5 pound bag, 1/2 acre)

 Evolved Harvest Shot Plot Premium Forage Brassica Attractant

Up To 38% Crude Protein To Grow Bigger Bucks
This bag of seed plants 1/2 acre
 22,000 square feet
 80 yards by 30 yards
 or about 1/2 a football field area
Shot Plot forage attractant is a premium mixture of forage brassicas. It was developed in NEW Zealand to produce bigger and healthier deer. These plants are amoung the most palatable and nutritious annual forage that can be planted for deer. 
Shot-Plot provides forage quickly by growing over 24 inches tall in about 45 days and as the deer devour the leaves, the forage plants surge with growth to replace them. Shot Plot provides protiens that the deer are looking for during the fall season in an irresistible food plot to give you your best at harvesting your trophy. 
These plants have been selected to begin maturing at 45 days, once mature they begin fixing more sugar in their leaves and become a hugh attractant for deer. As sugars are fixed in the leaves the protien begins to increase and deer begin to forage heavily on ther leaves to get the nutrients they need. Cold weather will also jump start Shot Plot to increase the sugar content in it's leaves, perfect for archery hunting.
Plant in spring or fall,  and in drier states as moisture permits. 
This can be seeded without tilling. Shot Plot can be used over existing clover or other low growing perennial plants. When over seeding the coverage is doubled, making this bag cover about an acre. 
It is recommended to have a firm, well prepared seed bed, weeds removed, both limed and fertilized with 13-13-13. For optimum results a soil test should be performed.  Recommended soil ph is 6.5 to 7.0, the seeds need moisture to germinate and grow.The 2.5 lb seed mix includes: Barkant Turnip and  Rape. 
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