ENDURE CHICORY (order by the pound)


1 lb  
coated seed

Chicory makes a fine addition to any deer plot. Chicory is a very hardy perennial that comes back for years once established. The blue flowers attract bees, and if Chicory goes to seed it attracts a variety of wild birds. Chicory has a long tap root that helps it maintain it's vigor through drought periods. The leaves resemble dandilion when first starting to grow, then grow much larger and more rounded as the plant matures. In good conditions this chicory can reach four feet tall if not grazed down. Plant Chicory no more than 1/4" deep in a well prepared seed bed. Chicory is an excellent choice if you want a high-protein, highly attractive food plot. Especially good for areas prone to periodic drought and excessive heat. 

This blue flowering chicory plant makes a pretty, tall plant for the back of flower beds or in wildflower meadows.

Plant 1/4 in deep or less




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