Imperial Ambush is an outstanding, highly palatable, fall annual planting for whitetail deer. The Institute has combined some of the most attractive early and late season forages with sweet lupines and Sugar Beets to keep deer in your plots from germination time, until the end of hunting season.
Ambush is cold tolerant, easy to plant and our field testing shows this could quickly become one of our best-selling annual forages.


AMBUSH Site Selection
1. Select an area with soils that are moderately sandy to medium heavy.
Seedbed Preparation
2. Adjust Soil pH If Low. If possible, perform a laboratory soil test for a winter pea/brassica planting. (High quality
laboratory soil test kits are available from the Whitetail Institute.) Add any lime recommended in the lab’s report
to the seedbed. If you don’t test your soil with a laboratory soil test kit, then add a minimum of 1,000 pounds of
lime per 1/4 acre. Disk or till the lime into the seedbed. (Note: If possible, perform Step 2 several months in
advance of planting. Making sure soil pH is between 6.0 and 7.5 before you plant is the most important thing you
can do to ensure food-plot success!)
3. Disk or Till The Seedbed. Disk or till the seedbed. If weedy or new ground, then disk or till again a week later.
Repeated tillage during seedbed preparation can help reduce the amount of dormant weed seed in the soil.
4. Fertilize The Seedbed. Before putting the seed out, add the fertilizer recommended in your soil-test report to the
seedbed. If you didn’t do a laboratory soil test, then add 100 pounds of 19-19-19 or equivalent fertilizer per 1/4
acre. Lightly disk or till the fertilizer into the seedbed.
5. Put Out The Seed. Broadcast seed at a rate of 10 pounds per ¼ acre. A shoulder- or hand-type bag seeder is
preferred. Set the seeder’s gap to about 3/8 to 1/2 inch. Seeding with a broadcast type shoulder seeder in two
separate passes across each other can help ensure even seed coverage.
6. LIGHTLY Cover The Seed. Drag over the seed covering it no more than 1/2 inch. DO NOT DISK SEED IN!
7. Optional: After planting, place a small wire basket over a portion of your Ambush so wildlife can’t graze that area.
Comparing the height of the Ambush inside and outside the basket will show you how hard deer are grazing the
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