Perennial Glo-Coat Wild Flower Mix (by the ounce)


1 oz

safe, non-toxic coating

These wildflower seeds are coated with bright colors, this coating allows for easy handling and planting since you can see the seeds. This wildflower mix is perfect for your butterfly garden, or for a wildflower meadow.  

This quality mix includes:


 bachelor button 8%, California poppy 8%, baby's breath 6%, annual lupine 6%, blue flax 6%, the following are 5% or less; lance leaved coreopsis, cosmos, Chinese forget me not, sweet alyssum, scarlet flax, sweet william, bearded dianthus, Indian blanket, godetia, mallow, purple coneflower, plains coreopsis, rocket larkspur, african daisy, corn poppy, prairie coneflower, clarkia, columbine, and white yarrow. 



Plant in a cleared, sunny area after last frost, barely cover the seeds, 

do not plant more than 1/4 inch deep, keep moist while starting. 

Most of these seeds are perennials

Price: $4.49
SKU: wild_1oz

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