Purple Top White Globe Turnip Seed (Order by the pound)

 1 # Purple Top White Globe Turnip Seed 

Purple Top White Globe Turnips are a very popular garden vegetable and an excellent brassica for deer and other wildlife. Many people grow turnip greens for reptiles or rabbits. Turnips are high in protein and drought-tolerant. 
Turnip are cold hardy, leaves maintain their nutritional quality even after repeated exposure to frost. A second crop can be seeded in late summer for a fall crop. Cover seeds with 1/4 inch fine soil. The plants are light shade tolerant

If planting in a vegetable garden, space rows 18 inches apart. If growing as a garden vegetable, thin When young seedlings are 2 to 4 inches tall, plants should be to 4 to 6 inches apart. Plants produce best in light, soil in a sunny location and grow the best globes if soil is kept evenly moist. Avoid using fresh manure in soil where you plant turnips. Purple Top Turnip is a versatile garden vegetable with deliciously sweet and tender white bulbs. The turnips can be up to 6 inches diameter, and are purple on top and white towards the base.

The whole plant can be eaten, the leaves make good southern style greens for salad and Purple Top White Globe Turnips have high vitamin content. For best flavor and texture, pick greens when they are large enough to pick, make sure to leave a few leave so the globes can survive. You can start harvesting globes when about three inches in diameter.


Quick Stats

Name: Purple Top White Globe Turnip

Seed volume: Approximately 167,000 seeds per pound

Full grown size: 3-6 inches diameter



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