Reed Canary Grass (1 ounce)


1 ounce
Approximately 33,000 Seeds !
Reed Canarygrass, Phalaris Arundinacaea L.,  is a perennial that will come back and spread for many years. 
Growing to a height of 2 to 6 feet tall and is great cover for ducks and geese in a wet area along creeks and dams. 
Even though it grows best in poorly drained soils, it also has a good drought tolerance and winter hardiness. Mature plants have a low palatability. Reed Canarygrass prefers a soil ph in the 5.8 to 8.2 range.There are approximately 533,000 seeds per pound and is recommended to be broadcast at 6 to 8 lbs and acre. This grass can be aggressive in some wetland areas, please make sure you are permitted to plant reed canary in your area before buying. Emergence time is about 21 days in 70 to 85 degree temperatures. 
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