Whitetail Institute SLAY Herbicide 16 oz (treats 4 acres)

 Whitetail Institute SLAY HERBICIDE
slay 16 oz treats 4 acre food plot
Slay Broadleaf Herbicide is effective on most broadleaf weeds including:
Dock Weed
Ground Ivy
Wild Garlic and Onion
Herbicide for Broadleaf Weed CONTROL in Deer Food Plots
Proven Effective Against Grasses In Field Tests
Easily Applied Using A Hand, ATV or Tractor Sprayer
Slay the Broadleaf Weeds in Your Food Plot 
Slay herbicide was developed by the Whitetail Institute to help control broadleaf weeds. Like grasses, broadleaf weeds come in many shapes and forms, both perennials and annuals. Thistles, dock weed and ragweed are examples of broadleaf weeds that can damage or even destroy food plots. Broadleaf weeds, like grasses, can spread quickly and take valuable moisture and nutrients from the soil. They can also damage food plots by shading out the desired forages. This is especially true when the plantings are young. Slay herbicide effectively controls broadleaf weeds while not harming Imperial Whitetail Clover or Alfa-Rack and many other food plot plantings

Add Surefire Seed Oil to the Slay Spray Solution -  Slay is chemically different from Arrest.  The addition of Surefire Seed Oil or a similar surfactant or crop oil concentrate is mandatory for Slay to work.  If you spray Slay without adding Surefire Seed Oil or a similar crop oil concentrate or surfactant as directed by the Slay label, you could lose up to 90% of the effectiveness of Slay on broadleaf weeds.  
Add Surefire Seed Oil to the Slay spray solution at a rate of ½ pint of Surefire per acre.
Arrest and Slay are Environmentally Safe and Easy to Use 
Arrest and Slay herbicides are both environmentally safe and will not cause damage to the soil or the environment. Application is not difficult and can be done in various ways. A common method is to use a 4-wheeler sprayer as it is an economical piece of equipment and allows effective spraying of small food plots. Tractor sprayers can also be used and for small areas or spot spraying, a hand sprayer is sufficient. Arrest and Slay are most effective if the application is done when grasses and broadleaf weeds are 12 inches tall or less. Application directions can be found on the packages.
If broadleaf weeds and grasses are causing problems in food plots there is no reason to despair. Not only can Arrest and Slay help create picture perfect food plots, they can also provide healthier and more productive food plots. At the same time they can help save money by preventing premature replanting. Arrest and Slay are the only herbicides labeled and developed specifically for food plots. They are available exclusively from the leader in food plot innovation - the Whitetail Institute.

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