SOYBEAN SEEDS (3 pounds)

 3 lbs covnentional soybean seeds

Soybean is popular for wildlife food plot forage, for deer, turkey and other game animals They are not expensive and a very good source of protein for antler growth and overall health of the herd.  Try a bit of soybean in your wildlife food plot for a tasty treat full of much needed protein. Since Soybean is a legume, it grows well where clover is grown.
The soybeans seeds need inoculant the first time planted in an area. Inoculant is a non-toxic common soil bacteria that improves nitrogen processing. 
It only takes a tiny bit of dusting to inoculate the seeds.
We send the inoculant free with the soybeans, including instructions, 
so they can be inoculated right before planting.
      Soybeans need a minimum soil temperature of 55 to 60 Fahrenheit to germinate. Germination rates increase at warmer temperatures. Soybean is a hardy plant and well adapted to a variety of soils and soil conditions. Plant in the spring when the ground warms, and there is adequate rainfall to provide moisture for rapid germination and seedling growth.  Soybeans are slower growing than most garden beans.  Soybeans can be planted about the same time as tomatoes and other warm-weather crops are put in the garden. About five to ten days after planting, the new seedlings should appear. 
   Seeds should be planted deep enough to meet the moisture and temperature requirements for germination. Planting depths are 1-1.5 inches. If soil is low in moisture or sandy, then plant 2 inches deep. In cool, moist soil, seed can be planted 1 inch deep. Soybeans should not be planted deeper than 2.5 inches. The flowers are self-pollinated, (no insects needed for pollination), and are very small (1/4 inch).. They resemble the flowers of pea or clover, since the soybean is also in the legume plant family. One or two weeks after the first flowers are produced, the first seed pods appear. When seeds are mature,the pods and stems of the plant are yellow or brown.  These are ws2810 conventional soybeans, medium height, bushy plants. When dry, the soyseed contains about 13 to 14% moisture, 40% protein, 21% oil, 34% carbohydrates, and 5% ash. There are approximately 3600 seeds per pound.       
Conventional Soybeans
not round-up ready
Plant 1 inch deep
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