Surefire Oil 16 oz (treats 2 acres, needed for Slay)

 Surefire Crop Oil 

one pint treats up to 2 acres

What is Surefire Crop Oil, and do I need to add it to the Arrest or Slay Spray Solution?

What is Surefire Crop Oil?  Surefire Crop Oil is a tank additive that helps the herbicide stick to the weeds or grasses, and that helps the herbicide penetrate the weed or grass aggressively.  

Do I need to Add Surefire Crop Oil to the Slay Spray Solution?  Yes!  Slay is chemically different from Arrest.  The addition of Surefire Crop Oil or a similar surfactant or crop oil concentrate is mandatory for Slay to work.  If you spray Slay without adding Surefire Crop Oil or a similar crop oil concentrate or surfactant as directed by the Slay label, you could lose up to 90% of the effectiveness of Slay on broadleaf weeds.  Add Surefire Crop Oil to the Slay spray solution at a rate of ½ pint of Surefire per acre.

Do I need to Add Surefire Crop Oil to the Arrest Spray Solution?  In most cases, Arrest will work without adding Surefire Crop Oil.  However, if the grass to be controlled has either matured or is a perennial grass adding Surefire to the Arrest solution is highly recommended to boost the effectiveness of Arrest.  Add Surefire Crop Oil to the Arrest spray solution at a rate of ½ pint of Surefire per acre.

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