Whitetail Institute Chic Magnet (by the pound)

 Whitetail institute Chic Magnet
1 pound plants 1/3 acre or 14,520 sq ft

Imperial Chic Magnet features WINA-100 Brand Chicory, the same highly attractive, highly nutritious chicory variety
you have come to trust in other Imperial perennial blends, such as Chicory Plus, Alfa-Rack Plus and Extreme, now by itself for planting alone or to overseed existing plots where additional attraction and drought resistance are desired.
 WINA 100 Brand Chicory is specially selected for whitetail food plots in climates where periodic heat and drought of late summer and early fall may slow production of other forages. More tender and less leathery and waxy than other chicories, WINA-100 Brand Chicory is dramatically more attractive and palatable to deer. And at up to 44% protein, “CHIC” MAGNET provides deer with the protein levels they need to maximize health and antler growth. The most attractive and palatable chicory product on the market!
Chic Magnet can be planted in either spring or fall in most areas. One 3-pound bag of Chic Magnet will plant up to one acre, depending on the quality of soil and seedbed preparation.  Chic Magnet is an excellent choice if you want an extremely high-protein, highly attractive food source for soils that are moist to slightly well drained, especially in areas prone to periodic drought and excessive heat in late summer and early fall. 

an order under 3 lbs will not be in original bag
Price: $13.99
SKU: chicmag_1lb

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