Imperial Clover Whitetail Institute (8 pounds, 1 acre)

 Whitetail Institute Imperial Clover

8 lbs plants 1 acre

Imperial Whitetail Clover is a professionally formulated blend of high yielding clover varieties that offers very unique traits when compared to traditional plantings for wildlife. Wildlife biologists now know the critical importance of high-quality forage and browse for whitetails year-round, especially during the spring and summer months of antler growth and fawn development. Without high-quality, high-protein browse during the antler-growth season, a buck's antlers will not reach their genetic potential.

Like humans, a deer's available diet seldom supplies all of the minerals, vitamins and protein necessary for maximum good health and growth... Whitetail Institute of North America has changed all of that. There is a clover product that has been developed specifically for Whitetail deer and wild turkeys. Imperial Whitetail Clover is a revolutionary breakthrough in plantings for wildlife. As the result of years of painstaking efforts, Imperial Clover is the first clover product developed specifically for deer and wild turkey.

Until Imperial Clover was developed, no single planting was known to us that would stay green and productive 12 months a year throughout the Country and perform well from Canada to Florida

NOTE: Amounts under 18 lbs will not be in the original Institute bag, the seeds are purchased in bulk and re-packaged to order. printed instructions included.

Planting density: 8 pounds covers 1 acre
Tested for 2014

By following all of the steps below you should have phenomenal results from your Imperial Whitetail 
Clover. The only thing left to chance will be Mother Nature. When your Imperial Clover is 
planted correctly, you will find that you have done one of the, if not the, best things you’ve ever 
done to improve the quality of your deer and deer hunting. You should see more deer and better 
quality deer.

1. Follow all instructions below, step-by-step, when planting Imperial Clover. 
2. Stay within the planting times for your state on the back of your Imperial Clover bag. 
3. For Imperial Whitetail Clover, select an area with heavy soil that holds 
moisture. If possible, avoid sandy soils, hilltops and hillsides that drain quickly.
4. If your area has grass, it is a good idea to spray a Round-up type product and wait the 
 recommended 10 days before disking. (Always read and follow herbicide label 
5. Soil test for a Giant White Clover to determine fertilizer and lime requirements. 
Be sure the pH of the soil is between 6.5 and 7.5. Proper pH is a very important
part of soil preparation. If no soil test is available, use 400 lbs. of 6-24-24 or 
equivalent fertilizer per acre. Also, apply a minimum of two tons of lime per 
acre. A heavy application of lime can maintain a neutral soil for several years. 
(Buy your lime in bulk, not in bags. Lime is very inexpensive when bought in 
6. Disk ground thoroughly to prepare good weed-free seed bed. 
7. Prepare a good, firm seed bed. For best results use a cultipacker or heavy roller 
to smooth and firm the soil. If no cultipacker is available, use a weighted fence 
type drag. It is critical to level the ground and fill in any 
cracks that will allow the seed to get too deep. (NOTICE: We are cultipacking 
or dragging before the seeds are sown.)
8. With a good seed bed prepared, broadcast 8 lbs. or more seed per acre.
 *If you use a hand spreader, be certain to adjust the seed opening to about 1/8 
inch. This adjustment will insure proper distribution of seed. This is usually the 
smallest setting on most hand spreaders.
9. After broadcasting seed, if available, use a cultipacker or some type of heavy 
roller to roll over field. This presses seed into ground and helps insure better 
seed to soil contact and good germination. If no cultipacker or roller is available 
you are finished with the planting process. Do not cover seed more than 1/4 
inch. DO NOT DISK SEED INTO GROUND. (NOTICE: This is the second 
time we recommend use of a cultipacker.)
10.Remember Imperial Whitetail Clover is a high quality forage seed. Proper planting 
effort, favorable soil, weather conditions and good timing can contribute to the 
success of your planting, and the ultimate impact on the quality of your deer and 
11. After planting, place a small wire basket over a portion of your clover so wildlife 
can’t graze that area. Watch the difference inside and outside the basket.
12. Do not plant during hot/dry weather.

The following instructions are not required, but are strongly recommended for maximum 
performance and longevity from your Imperial Whitetail Clover food plot(s).

MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS for Imperial Whitetail Clover

13. Imperial Whitetail Clover is capable of producing heavy growth. Depending on your 
deer and wildlife population and/or how much you plant, you may choose to mow 
your clover with bush hog to clip the weeds and clover down to about 4-6 inches. 
Mow your clover in the spring and summer months when clover and/or weeds and 
grasses reach 10-12 inches tall. This will also promote tender lush growth from the 
clover. Mow everything down to 4-6 inches high. Do not mow when it is hot and 
dry. Remove clippings if possible. (Imperial Whitetail Clover does not have to reseed to grow from year to year. It grows from the root system. This is why Imperial 
Whitetail Clover maintains high protein levels (30-35 %) all year, and one of the 
many reasons that make Imperial Whitetail Clover the absolute best food plot choice.)
14. Another very popular way to control unwanted grasses and broadleaf weeds is with 
the use of selective herbicides. Herbicides, when used correctly are the most cost 
effective way to rid your fields of grasses and weeds. Grass and weeds take up root 
space and compete with the clover for moisture and nutrients. Grasses and weeds 
need to be treated early in the growing process normally when the grass is between 4-
12”. Whitetail Institute has successfully tested and recommends Arrest and Slay 
herbicides. Arrest herbicide is used for the control of many grasses. Slay herbicide is 
used for control of broadleaf weeds. Both rapidly enter the plants through the foliage 
and stops growth within 48 hours of application. Normally it will take 20 to 30 days 
to see the full effect of the application. Arrest can be applied with a wide variety of 
application equipment. Slay can be used in any 4-wheeler or tractor sprayer but not 
in a hand sprayer. You can call one of our consultants and both products can be 
shipped to you directly.
15. Once Imperial Whitetail Clover is established, fertilize once or twice a year using a 0-
20-20 or similar fertilizer at the rate of 300# per acre. Spring and early fall are the 
best times to fertilize. Apply fertilizer when plants are dry. Note: Be sure the 
nitrogen or first of the three numbers is zero or as low as possible. Imperial Clover is 
a legume and produces its own nitrogen. If nitrogen is added it will only promote 
weed and grass competition.
16. Soil test every 2-3 years to insure proper Ph and fertility. You may need to add more 
lime every few years.
Following steps 13-15 should help you control weeds and grasses in the long run and also 
will help you get the best and longest life from your Imperial Clover planting. 





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