"Secret Spot" Whitetail Institute (4 pounds)


Whitetail Institute Imperial Secret Spot

4 lbs

This 4 lb. bag of Imperial Secret Spot plants up to 4,500 square feet.
The seed you need to plant a "personal" (4,500 sq. ft.) food plot around your tree stand
Loaded with a ph booster for Maximum growth
Germinates in LESS THAN ONE WEEK (with adequate moisture)
Secret Spot is Healthier and Nutritionally Superior to Bait Attractants
Private Food Plot for areas known to only you and your deer !
Give that BIG BUCK a good reason to come to your stand !
It's EASY to Plant and Grows Quickly !
WHITETAIL INSTITUTE SECRET SPOT is the only "personal" food plot planting. 
It is designed to be planted in that larger clearing in the middle of the woods, or a few smaller clearings  
where big deer like to hang out !  
Secret Spot will attract and stop deer close to your archery stand.  
This seed can be planted from spring to fall.
It's made by the Whitetail Institute, so you know it's good
NO TILLING necessary, simply remove grass or debris to expose soil, rake, broadcast seed and re-rake !

Secret Spot contains; Dwarf Essex Rapeseed, Trophy Rapeseed, Gulf Annual Ryegrass, Whitetail 906590 Oats, Alex Berseem Clover, DH3 Annual Ryegrass, Dixie Crtimson Clover, Yucchi Aroowleaf Clover, Brundage Wheat, Wina Chicory, Insight Ladino Clover


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