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Below are a few photos  from satisfied customers:


Deerseeds.com Alfalfa                                large clover   

300  300

Chic magnet and Imperial Clover starting second year


"...great shot of the action I get in the Chicory Plot on a nightly basis, the pictures don’t lie you sell great products."




Chic Magnet and Crimson Clover                                        Close-up of Brassica
Alfalfa, Clover and Brome;                                                             Winter Greens with Chicory and Clover

"I have deer every day, the mixture is working great. I plan on doing a larger area next year. This ground was all clay. I did not use any fertilizer or lime. I broadcast the seed just as the snow started melting. I maintain the area by mowing high enough to not cut the clover but take weeds out. I've tried the expensive deer blends and believe less can be better ( for the deer and the planting conditions ) and easier on the pocket book....Now in the spring we get deer daily grazing in the clover around the pond........
I took these pics just a few days ago. This isn't the first time I've had turkeys eating the clover"


"..Here is a couple pictures of this winter, we had turkeys for the first time. They would scratch the area down to the clover. I don't think the deer enjoyed sharing the area."




(Canada) "...the turnips and chicory was simply amazing. My food plots were used most of the winter which is good. The deer pawed deep to get turnips and ate the remaining stems of rape right to ground level. Just over sowed the whitetail clover and have seen more rough grouse around than I have for years so they are enjoying the feast as well."

(New York) "...these are photo's of deer in the plot area during the season"


(Texas) This customer saved an injured rabbit and has had him as a house pet for years;
"I've bought clover seeds from you for my cottontail rabbit, Harry. He loves his clover! You can see in one photo that he is eating your clover so quickly that the stem is just a green blur and his cheeks are bulging."


(Florida) (Bearded Dragons) "..They love turnip greens and alfalfa."


(Bearded Dragons)  "The babies love the alfalfa and it's the perfect size for them.  It is high in protein and has a high calcium to phosphorus ratio needed for balanced nutrition.  It's easy to grow and really good for them."


(Nebraska) mule deer buck 


bought your seeds last year (Turnip and Rape Brasssica), they were very good for my deer all the way until spring.
Deer were digging in the snow to get at them.


Featured Products

OUTDOOR EDGE GAME PROCESSOR (12 pc set in case) Outdoor Edge Game Processor Set OUTDOOR EDGE GAME PROCESSOR (12 pc set in case) 12 piece set for camping, outdoor cooking, and game processing
Deerseeds Premium Deer Plot Mix (8 pounds) deerseeds premium plot mix Premium Deer Plot Mix 8 lbs  Plants 1 Acre This seed mix can be planted without tilling the soil, no plow needed.  The seeds need to make soil contact and need moisture to germinate. 
Purple Top White Globe Turnip (3 pounds) purple top turnip  Purple Top White Globe Turnips are a very popular garden vegetable and an excellent brassica for deer, turkey, rabbits and other wildlife. Pet guinea pigs, turtles and reptiles love the greens. Turnips are high in protein and drought-tolerant.  They are cold hardy, leaves maintain their nutritional quality even after repeated exposure to frost. A second crop can be seeded in late summer for a fall crop. Cover seeds with 1/4 inch fine soil. The plants are light shade tolerant
ALFALFA / CLOVER mix (10 pounds, 1 acre) deerseeds.com custom alfalfa/clover mix  Perennial alfalfa and clovers are recommended for its palatability and high protein levels for all types of deer.  Our own custom mix of seeds are commonly used in deer plot mixes and for honey bee production. The best growth will occur on soils with a pH ranging from 6.0 to 6.5  If no soil test is available, add lime.  These alfalfa and clover seed grow in full sun to partial shade and reach 12-36 inches tall. The seeds in this mix are tested and packed for the current year, contains; Alfalfa, Medium Red Clover, Ladino Clover, and Alsike Clover.